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With their unmistakable silhouette and playful spirit, Dachshunds stand as a testament to canine charm and resilience. Commonly known as "wiener dogs" or "sausage dogs," these small to medium-sized pups boast a personality as unique as their appearance.

Dachshunds are instantly recognizable thanks to their elongated bodies, short legs, and alert expressions. Their endearing eyes, combined with either floppy or erect ears, give them an unmistakable charm. Available in three coat varieties – smooth, long-haired, and wire-haired – and an array of colors, Dachshunds are a canvas of canine diversity.


Minature Dachshund 4

11 lbs and under

Daxie Angels 1

Gone from our lives, but never gone from our hearts.

Toy Dachshund 0

7 lbs and under

Latest Listings

Penticton, British Columbia Canada

Woof the new Dog

Coat Type: Smooth Haired
Self Colour: Chocolate & Tan
Patterns: Dapple

Amsterdam, North Holland Netherlands The

Adventures of Loulou, Coco & Friends. • Lives in The Netherlands

Coat Type: Smooth Haired
Self Colour: Black
Patterns: Dapple

Montréal, Quebec Canada

The adventures of Mac DeMini—a miniature dachshund living in Montreal.

Coat Type: Smooth Haired
Self Colour: Red
Patterns: Brindle

Penticton, British Columbia Canada


Coat Type: Smooth Haired
Self Colour: Black and tan
Patterns: Piebald.

Okanagan Falls, British Columbia Canada

Our Precious Bugsy

Coat Type: Smooth Haired
Self Colour: Black and tan
Patterns: Brindle

Share the Charm: Post Your Beautiful Daxie!

We Invite the Dachshund-loving community to showcase the unique charm and charisma of their beloved furry friends!

Whether your Daxie is a smooth-haired stunner, a playful wire-haired companion, or an elegant long-haired beauty, we want to see them all. Post your beautiful Daxie and let their personality shine through in every snapshot. This is the perfect space to celebrate the diversity, character, and irresistible cuteness of Dachshunds.

Join in the fun and share the joy of your beautiful Daxie with fellow enthusiasts!

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